Russian school little lolita

Russian school little lolita
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(Anonymous)PART 1.Joe and Betty Williams had a "normal" family, to all intents and purposes. There
were the usual occasional arguments over petty things, which quickly got forgot-
ten, but theirs was a loving family, mostly doing the normal things that fami-
lies in the suburbs do. Joe was an engineer, with a job in another suburb, a short distance away. Betty
was a part-time receptionist, part-time so she could do some of the housewifely
things like making breakfasts and dinners and so keep close to their children,
and yet make a little money so they could afford that suburban house they had.Joe and Betty had been married almost 20 years, and had three children, Mark,
Sharon, and Timmy. Mark was 17, getting ready to go to college; Sharon was 12,
beginning to look more like a woman than a little girl; and Timmy, the
nine-year-old, was still the cute kid, curious about the world but rather
passive.Yes, this was a normal, almost dull, russian school little lolita
family. None of the kids ever got into
serious trouble at school - sometimes one of them failed to do some homework
and was criticized for that, but none was a part of the "bad crowd" that
you sometimes hear about. Joe and Betty didn't worry about their marriage -
they loved each other, and while sometimes they'd see these articles with
titles like "Put Some Spice into Your Marriage," neither of them ever thought
to try any of the things in there. But this year their lives were going to change. None of them were going to be
the same after the events of this year - not Joe and Betty, not Mark, nor
Sharon, nor even young Timmy. The family would soon be held together by some
secrets that none of them dared spread outside the family circle, and yet all
of them knew that, though outsiders would never understand, they were still a
happy family, in fact happier in some sense, for all these things.
PART 2.One day, after Timmy and Mark came home from school and went to their rooms,
(Sharon had a friend she was visiting, Joe was still at work, and Betty was
out shopping) Timmy suddenly remembered that he'd lent Mark a pen, and went
to Mark's room to get it back. Although Mark had told Timmy to knock before
breezing into his brother's room, Timmy was so intent on getting his pen
back that he forgot. He saw Mark lying on the bed, with his pants and under-
pants down to his ankles, pumping hard on himself. Mark jumped when Timmy
opened the door and started to pull the covers over his half-naked body, and
Timmy asked Mark, "What are you doing?" Mark answered, "Little boys like you
shouldn't see this stuff!" Timmy responded, "If it's so much a secret, I
really want to know. Tell me, or I'll ask Dad about what you're doing!" Mark
said, "No, don't do that. OK, I'll tell you. One of my friends, Richie, showed
me this neat thing a couple of years ago. If you do it right, it feels so good,
I've been doing it every day since then. But I don't think little kids like
you can small lolita bbs pics
get it to do much. But please, don't tell on me!"Timmy said, "If it feels so good, show me how!" Mark protested that it probably
wouldn't work for Timmy, but between Timmy's pleading and threatening, Mark
finally gave Timmy a demonstration. When he climaxed, Mark's whole body shook,
and Timmy saw this white stuff come out in a big squirt that he'd never seen
before. Mark explained that he'd heard in biology class in school that when this
stuff got into a woman, that was how babies were made, and he'd heard that one
of his classmates had gotten a girl pregnant by squirting it inside her, so he
didn't ever want to try that trick, but he little young naked lolitas
heard that a lot of boys and girls
get so much fun doing it that way that they don't do it alone the way Mark did,
but Mark had never tried anything than using his hands lolitas preteen thong models
that way.Timmy said, "I want to try that! If it feels so good lolitas and old gallery when you do it, I want to
do the same thing!" Mark said it probably wouldn't be as good, but if Timmy
wanted to try, he should pull down his pants and underpants and lie down on
the bed next to Mark. Timmy complied, and Mark played with Timmy's organ a
while. Mark never thought Timmy would enjoy it as much, but Timmy's shaft got
stiff quickly, and Mark himself got pleasure just handling Timmy's hairless
organ. Timmy, of course, couldn't really ejaculate, but he had such a good
feeling that he told Mark "Gee! Now I can see why you do that every day!"Mark was surprised. He knew that for him, the best feel came right at the
end when he squirted all that white stuff out, but Timmy never did that and
he still liked it. Mark said to Timmy, "Well, you can do it to yourself, like
what I was doing, but you know, I liked doing it to you. If you keep it as
our big secret, we can do it to each other together. But nobody else can
find out -- they might stop us. Richie told me his Dad caught him one day
and really punished him."Timmy replied, "Sure -- our big secret. I don't want anybody to give us trouble,
and I don't see why Richie's Dad was so upset, but I can keep a secret,
especially when I know that telling it might make ME have to stop!"Timmy had forgotten all about the pen. That night, Timmy did it all by himself
the first time. But whenever Mark and Timmy were alone and they had enough time
together before someone was due home, they now had a secret session giving each
other pleasure. Two brothers were never so close as Mark and Timmy had become on
their secret.
PART 3.Timmy was very careful never to talk about the pleasure sessions he had with
his brother Mark. After all, he remembered Mark's warning: "Nobody else can
find out -- they might stop us. Richie told me his Dad caught him one day
and really punished him." So one night he was very lolita toplist c p
badly shaken. He was in bed
beating off when his Dad came in. Timmy has not been feeling too well that day
and Joe was just in there to check on him. He actually came in the room and
stayed there a few seconds to let his eyes adjust to the darkness, while
Timmy was so oblivious to what was happening around him (He was getting so
much pleasure from his own hand!) that he didn't see Joe come in. Since it was
a cool night, he was doing it under the covers, so all Joe saw was the up and
down movement of the cover, but Joe could figure out what was going on. After
all, before he'd married Betty, he'd spent a free lolita porn pictures
lot of time doing the same thing.
But Joe was faced with a problem. If he said anything then, Timmy might be so
badly shocked that who knows what would happen. And as soon as Timmy was
finished, he'd soon realize Joe was in the room. While Joe was trying to figure
out what to do, Timmy suddenly spotted his Dad in the room and stopped abruptly,
trying to make it look like he hadn't been doing what he had. He remembered
Mark's story about Richie's Dad. But Joe wasn't like Richie's Dad. He told Timmy, "Well, you are obviously
feeling better, In fact, you look like you've been having some fun there. You
don't need to stop on my account." "I don't?!?" "No, I know all boys do it. I
certainly did it myself when I was younger!" Timmy sighed a sigh of relief.
But the mood was broken -- he found it hard to get back to it, and quit.Joe was a bit disturbed, but not because Timmy was doing what every boy of a
certain age range does. He was disturbed because he'd developed a fabulous
erection just looking at Timmy and thinking about what had been going on under
the covers. But Joe wasn't gay -- he had certainly been able to make a family
with three children, including the blond angelic nine-year-old in that bed in
front of him. And he certainly wasn't a child molester -- he wanted no part of
anything that did harm to this kid, his son, that he loved so much. Yet it could
not be denied that he had an erection from watching his son play with himself,
even without seeing the action itself. All he could do was say to Timmy, "You
don't have to be afraid of me," and leave the room. Then he went into the
bathroom and did something he hadn't done in many years, while he'd thought
Betty was all he needed. But it wasn't Betty, or any other woman, that he was
thinking about. It was Timmy.
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